Trade Like A Pro
Strategize, Analyze and Track Progress

Successful expert traders do three things that newcomers often overlook. These steps include planning trading strategies, tracking and analyzing trades, and following the markets.

Choose a Trading Method
Failing to plan one's steps could result in overall failure. Traders that have become a success make sure they put great trading strategies into play and stick with them no matter what.

Choose the correct currency pairs. 
Some pairs are unpredictable, and move often throughout each day whiles some are steady and move slower. Evaluating risk and deciding which pairs are best suited to individual trading strategies is important.

Decide the length of time a position will be held. 
Choose from minutes, hours or days when deciding on how long the position should be held. Many don't realize that having open positions past 5:00 pm EST will sometimes bring rollover charges.

Set targets. Before taking a position plan an exit. Upon winning, what rate will be cashed out? If the spot Is losing, where will losses be cut? Be sure to set limits!

Track Everything!
Avoid making the same mistakes when keeping track of trades that were successful and why. This helps most when it includes:

The date and time position was taken.
The existing rate at the time.
The reason position was taken.
Any implemented strategies.
Date and time of exit and the rate achieved.
Any profit or loss associated with the position.
Why the position was exited.
What strategy was used.
Once the trader learns how to spot patterns in successful trading then they can continue to do so with ease.

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